Sunday, December 21, 2008

Seven Things about Me

I've been tagged by Cedar at Adirondack View to come up with seven "weird or random" things about me, so here goes:

1. I've watched ever single Academy Awards show since they were first televised in the 1950s. Never, ever missed one.

2. I have three grandchildren and the first and second one are 24 years apart.

3. I wanted to be a singer but I was too homely and too shy. That was before Barbra Striesand. If I had been born after her I might have actually tried it. I could sing pretty well, but not nearly as well as Barbra.

4. I hate Jazz. I don't just hate it, I despise it. I can't watch the weather Channel's "Weather on the Eights" because they insist on playing Jazz. I could never listen to NPR all day long, because there is altogether too much Jazz. When they play Jazz as the "On Hold" music, I have to hang up, no matter how important the call.

5. I've wanted to live on an island ever since I was a little kid, and so far I've lived on two.

6. My left arm is almost a full hand length longer than my right arm.

7. I am half Italian and half Finnish. I love being both, though they couldn't be farther apart in looks, temperament, religion and geography.

So I've fulfilled my part here. I'll be tagging some others and when I do, I'll post them here.
(That was fun! I had no idea what I would come up with when I started.)


  1. Thanks Mona,... and I totally agree with you on the jazz. Can't do that either. It was fun for me too, and like you I didn't know what I'd write. I promise I won't do that again for at least a year! Back to my "normal" posts,... hmmm.. maybe those are actually weird, and certainly they are random! Ok I'm giggling now.

  2. Mona - interesting info to learn about you! Laughed about the hating jazz part!

  3. Cedar, what's "normal", anyway? That's what I love about the blogs I follow. Never boring, sometimes enlightening, always fun!

    Shelly, I almost didn't include the stuff about Jazz. I know a lot of people who go into ecstasies about that "music", and as long as they don't force me to listen to it, I'm okay with them. I don't even BEGIN to understand that obsession, but I do like my Jazzy friends!

  4. Jazz - who knew? LOL I've been trying to learn to like Country music. It's OK, but I'm not a convert yet. I told Cedar I'd join in, but I can't figure out my list yet.