Sunday, November 15, 2009

When all the barns Have finally gone

For years now I've been watching the barns disappear.

Red Barns faded pink and then weathered gray.

The side boards rotted and fell away.

Roof shingles blew off.  Moss carpeted what was left.

Open spaces appeared where doors and windows had once been.

Swaybacks marked the countryside.

As the barns went, so went the homesteads.

Rusted relics where life had flourished.

And at the end of the day, nobody cared.

But me.


  1. that house is fascinating,... I'd love to look in the windows or walk in if the floor is still safe... wish those walls could talk. Barns are fading away as are family farms. Sad, but true. This is an interesting series of pics!

  2. We are kindred spirits. I have a passion for Michigan. I was a Michigander for 40 years -- to the day. We moved to the Middle of Nowhere, Iowa, in May. Yeah, the economy. We hope to one day find our way back to our comfy mitten.

  3. Thanks so much for commenting here. Kathy, Iowa has it's beauty, too, but okay. . .there's no place like Michigan.

  4. I enjoyed the pictures, I get up to the family cabin in the UP every year.It's a sad thing to see them go, that way of life go.

  5. Mona - I just found your blog and realized you haven't posted in quite a few months. I would love to see more pictures and read more of your delightful posts.

    Lindy (My Dad was a true UPer - born and raised in Ontonagon.)

  6. I really have been neglecting this site. And I really do love it--honest! So first thing tomorrow I'm going to add a post.

    Thanks for coming, and thanks for lighting a fire under me.